Detailed Engineering of the Triwind Demonstrator completed

Detailed Engineering of the Triwind Demonstrator completed

The detailed engineering of the TRIWIND 1,5MW platform, which will validate the technology at full scale, has been completed.

The design of the TRIWIND platform, which excels for its low cost, its simplicity,  its ease of construction, and its outstanding naval behavior is culminated with the completion of the structural definitions and the elaboration of the final documents for construction.

This represents an important milestone within the ARCHIME3 project and is the fundamental preliminary step for the start of the execution and installation works programmed for 2023.

The TRIWIND prototype, which will support a 1,5MW wind turbine, will be executed during the next year and will be installed in the PLOCAN test area on the island of Gran Canaria (Spain).

In the coming weeks, the procedures for the launching of the bidding process will begin in order to select the companies that will be in charge of the execution and installation of the first TRIWIND technology demonstrator.

In addition to Beridi’s own team, specialized civil and naval engineering companies have collaborated in this design process, who have also contributed with their knowledge and experience in this major step. The Beridi team would like to thank them for their support and dedication to the project.

Thank you!